Tuesday, April 23, 2013


You really can't go wrong with music, motorcycles, and booze. However, when concocted as The One Moto Show with Revival Cycles, you have the ingredients for a damn fine party.Great show this past weekend for The 1 Moto Show in Austin, TX. We hope it returns again next year. Revival Cycles had some amazing custom bikes on hand, as well as some restored rare gems.

The guys from Deus made it out from the west coast. It is always fun catching up with them. They brought the new Deus Beemer and as an added bonus arrived with Shinya Kimura's race bike. My friend and brother in arms Brian Awitan said "Shinya is the man! The rest of us are just trying to figure shit out." I could not agree more.

It was great seeing some Houston moto enthusiasm at the show too. Blip Workshop had one of their builds, The Meat Grinder, on hand at the show. Robynn, of Blip Workshop had an insanely detailed hand painted helmet in the 21 helmet art show. There was also an impressive spread of Evel Knievel artifacts on hand. This display really gave you the sense of showmanship, and balls out attitude Evel had.

Overall, very impressive and hats off to Revival and company for making this event happen. Hope to see everyone again next year.

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